2024 is already one month old, but we are still on the edge of the new year – according to the Chinese calendar! The Lunar New Year, the year of the Dragon which represents authority, prosperity, and good fortune, will start on the 10th of February – and what a year it will be for the CopeCart Community!

New product categories for more clarity

Hitting the gym is one of the most common New Year resolutions and one of the most failed ones – but not at CopeCart as we are still pumping new features! Later this month, we are introducing not one, not two, but three new product types that will help you categorise your product, establish legal safety and make the whole checkout experience easier for your customers. Alongside ‘Physical Services,’ we are now also offering ‘Services with Digital Content’ and ‘Distance Learning Courses’ (subject to the appropriate certification) as possible product types, which will ease your digital selling routine.


Hey Siri. Run my business!

New year – new team! We are adding Siri to your posse as your new virtual assistant! Imagine, Siri knows everything about your KPIs, can elaborate on any inquiry you might have, can answer you, and even goes into a dialogue about your most important metrics like revenue, amount of customers, or conversion rate. What are you waiting for? Your AI success is just a question away.


New Year, same app, better experience


Tap the CopeCart icon and poof! You’re exactly where you need to be. Logging in is now as effortless as smiling at your phone, courtesy of Face ID and enhanced password memory. It’s not just an update; it’s an invitation to lay back and let the numbers speak to you.

Don’t take our word for it – go on and give it a try!



Starting with a Bang!


If you blinked, you might have missed it as it has been the most vibrant, diverting, and fast-paced three days of the year! The Mastermind by CopeCart is the best example of why our Community is the basis for success. Networking, inspiring speakers, new ideas, new partnerships, and new beginnings. Even if you are part of the top 1%, this weekend most definitely has been a firework of opportunities coming your way! And if you missed it – don’t worry! We will support you throughout the year so that you’ll be able to earn your seat at the table in 2025! Together, let’s unlock new possibilities and climb the mountain of success to reach new heights beyond your wildest dreams. Here’s to making it to The MasterMind next year and beyond!

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You want to reminisce or get motivated for the next year? Relieve the magical time by watching the Aftermovie on our social media channels!

Let’s keep the conversation going!


Just as we did in Dubai, we want to engage with you and the CopeCart Community! Your journey with us, filled with milestones, including all your struggles and victories, deserves a spotlight. Head over to Trustpilot and share your story. It’s about supporting our community, one experience at a time, but also guiding newcomers to navigate their paths with confidence.

Share the Love – Let’s go down this path together!

The new year is full of potential – make the most of it!

Your CopeCart team